31 December 2007

Favourite Colours of 2007

Let's go over some of my favourite colours of the past year, shall we?

1.) Grey! I love grey it looks fantastic with so many other colours. James and I recently painted our office a dark grey with white trim. To make things a bit more exciting, we added a few orange accessories (lampshade, pen jar, and some orange books). It looks absolutely lovely! I wanted to make a room especially for my husband, because every room we decorated before this was somewhat femme. The grey/white/orange combo is both masculine and sophisticated. Throw in a bit plant life and it's just a downright awesome room to be in.
Just a couple of examples I found on Flickr (here and here) of how to rock grey with warm colours.

2.) Pink! Pink is my ultimate fantasy colour. I'm not much of a girlie girl; I preferred playing with K'nex over Barbie as a child. But in the past while, I've come to realise just how versatile the colour pink really is. It can be girlie, or mature; metropolitan or country. If James weren't so against the colour, I'd definitely throw some hot pink cushions on the couch!
Top: Elegance without going over the top. Photo found on flickr. Below: Even though it doesn't seem like it should be part of the colour scheme, it's the pink table that really pulls this room together. Photo: Jason Schmidt.

3.) Orange! It's my favourite accent colour of the year. It's warm. It pops. It totally rocks my world. Enough said, but please use discretion when convorting with avocado. Nobody wants a puke-coloured room!

4.) Black! I don't care what you think. Black is sexy! However, it's a very dangerous colour when in the wrong hands. It works best when different textures or patterns are involved. I personally chose to take my love of black out on my hallway by putting up some black, floral print wallpaper. Though my wallpaper applying skills are not the best, it still makes a fantastic statement when you look down my hallway. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen used black wallpaper in his bedroom recently too, so that just reaffirmed my belief that black is beautiful!
I'm actually designing my bathroom after Regina Spektor's video for "Fidelity." It'll be so sexy if I ever finish it.

I hope that gives you all a little inspiration for painting your apartments. You can always tell your landlord you'll paint it back to Magnolia before you leave. Hmmm...that gives me a good idea for an article. Wink Wink!

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