28 December 2007

I blog, therefore I am.

For my first entry, perhaps I should give a bit of explanation. I am American. My husband, James, is Irish. We have different tastes in things. He likes action movies with aliens and war heroes and big explosions. I like movies that have great set design, elaborate costumes, and an awesome soundtrack...and yes the occassional explosion. James likes the technical aspects of photography. I dream of the day I can pull out the kind of emotions in people that Annie Liebovitz can. James likes practicality, and doesn't think about the way something will look. I, on the other hand, am trying to teach him that good design is practical...and looks good...and we shouldn't sacrifice either of those elements when putting together our apartment.

Upon saying that, I must admit, Ireland is a VERY expensive place to live. Bespoke furniture and fittings are almost impossible to come by unless you are filthy rich and live in Dalkey or Wicklow. Those of us who are renting in and around Dublin find it very hard to decorate when the landlord won't allow us to paint the walls anything other than a sickly magnolia or change the furniture. Even if we could redecorate, most of us could only afford the unstable, ugly fittings that Argos can provide. That's why I'm here. I want to show the people of Dublin and the rest of Ireland that by shopping around a bit, you can free yourselves from the shackles of bad design and high prices. Come, join me!

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