28 December 2007

I hate landlords...

Who doesn't? But I especially dislike the ones here in Dublin. They try to scrounge up the most amount of money for the least amount of work. There are English TV shows out there that will show you how to do it. Absolutely disgraceful! We specifically moved into our current apartment in Ranelagh, because we knew the landlord, and we knew that he'd let us do whatever we wanted with the place. This is a very rare occurrence in Dublin, so we're quite lucky. It wasn't always like that though. Before finding our place, we spent a good six months searching Daft.ie for apartments that might suit us. Unfortunately we kept finding places that were already furnished and looked like this:

("Oh my, Grandma! What horrible curtains!" "The better to repulse you with, my dear.")

I especially love how the space was cut right in half by these monstrous couches...and mmmm, verticle blinds. My favourite!

And for 1500/month, you can get 2/3rds of mirror and different coloured grout!

Landlords don't take any pride in their work! Don't they know that if they put in even the slightest bit of effort, that when it comes time to sell the place, they could make a lot more money? Bah Humbug to them!

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