30 January 2008

Design Hotel Dot Com

It's been ages since James and I had a proper relaxing holiday. Our last few attempts weren't exactly holiday-like as we were staying in either my parent's house in Washington or a flooded tent at Glastonbury. So this year, I'm putting my foot down and demanding that we go somewhere warm and relaxing. We've decided to stay in a hotel this time, as the last hostel experience we had in Barcelona wasn't that great (I can't say I'm a fan of communal showers).

Of course, knowing me, I can't settle for any old hotel. Ever since staying at the G Hotel in Galway for our honeymoon (which ended up being quite affordable), I've been inspired to seek out designer hotels to stay in. A great resource for this is Designhotel.com. They have lists of hotels in 38 countries around the world, all of which, look amazingly cool. And while some of them are unsurprisingly expensive and completely beyond our budget, many of them will cost you about the same amount or less than any regular hotel. The site also offers some promotions to save you even more money.

Here's a list of some hotels that will cost you less than €1000/week (prices based on 2 people sharing during the summer months):

-Hotel Daniel, Graz, Austria €413/ 7 nights
-Hotel Cram, Barcelona, Spain €973.70/ 7 nights
-Basico, Playa del Carmen, Mexico €990/ 7 nights
-Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan €900.50/ 7 nights
-Goldman 25 Hours, Frankfurt, Germany €552/ 7 nights
-Becker Hotel, Trier, Germany €700/ 7 nights

And there's loads more on that website, so be sure to check them out!

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