13 January 2008

Devine Colour at Pia Bang Home

On Anne Street South (just off Grafton street) lies a little shop called Pia Bang Home. It's full of all sorts of little treasures. The style is distinctly French country, with pastel fabrics and washed out woods. Brushed metals and weathered furniture. It was like a smaller, boutique sibling of Restoration Hardware or Avoca. Unfortunately, the prices were similiar to those shops as well. At the moment though, their entire stock is 10% off, and their Christmas stock is 50% off. If that doesn't interest you, this next bit might.

Pia Bang carries a range of low-VOC Colourtrend paints called Devine Color. A 3 litre can will cost about 45 Euro, and that's not much more than a can of regular old poisonous, polluting, brain frying paint. They don't have every colour under the sun, but they do have plenty of pretty, nature-inspired colours to choose from. You can pick up a pamphlet of colour chips at Pia Bang like I did, or you can have a look at their website. I'd recommend going into the shop, however, since everyone's monitor is calibrated differently. Anyway, here's a few of my favourites:

Black and Blue Beans



And Green Tea.

Unfortunately these photos don't do them justice. On the chip board, they are so rich and deep, they look good enough to eat. I'm designing a friend's nursery for her new baby girl, and you can bet I'll definitely be using this brand of paint.


lenny said...

Anyone living on the northside can get these paints at Fuller Paints, Baldoyle Ind Estate...open to trade and public..this is for those not cool enough to live in town!!!!!!!!

Shawna said...

Yeah, there's a few places on the southside where you can get them too (they're listed on the Devine website). I just mentioned Pia Bang because it's so central.