22 January 2008

Etsy finds!

This week's theme will be all things Deer related. Don't ask me why, I've just been in a very deer kinda mood lately. Good thing they're pretty trendy at the moment.

Ok, to start off this shindig we have a cool 5x7" print of a deer wearing a suit. It's sort of creepy, but I like it. It harkens back to a time when dogs used to play poker and pigs dabbled in communism. The seller, Berkley Illustration, has plenty more pictures of animals in suits if for some reason you have a grudge against deer, or if you want to collect them all. Only $7.00/each.

Next up is a Deer-Squid pillow by Strangemonster. Another creepy hybrid, but I really like the colour and think it would make an exceptional conversation piece. James has just informed me that if it were real, it would be an awfully tasty creature. If it were real, though, I'd doubt you could buy it for $24.00 like you could with this pillow.

If weird animal mix n' matches aren't for you, perhaps you like this adorable little print. I love the little patterned paper in the trees and the kitschy 50's deer. It's a limited edition 5x7" at $15.00. So cute!

Hope you enjoyed this week's picks. Sorry I didn't post a couple more, but it's late and the husband is falling asleep on the couch here. I'll make it up to you by posting a few extras next week!


Lenny said...

piabang home have a wooden deer head for sale (sounds odd, but its beautiful). Deers are so popular now, especially for country interiors in countries such as Canada and US. The piabang deer is reduced to 150 euro as its slightly damaged.

Shawna said...

Yeah! I saw that one. I wanted it so bad, but my husband and I are pretty broke after the holidays. I'll just have to wait and find a cheap one on Ebay.