30 January 2008


A while back James contributed one of our photos of Editors to an Australian magazine we had never heard of, called Frankie. We just assumed it was another low-budget music mag, but we were pleasantly surprised when they sent us our copy in the post. James described it as "totally your kind of magazine, Shawna," as I scooped it up off the coffee table.

It's a bi-monthly mag, very much directed towards discerning art students in their mid to late 20's. It's strange though, because it's not specifically made for guys or girls. It reviews the latest up and coming bands and visual artists, interviews young fashion designers and screen writers, and just generally inspires me to be creative. In this issue, there's even a little article on How to make a cute kitten doll out of socks. My only criticism is that it becomes a bit clich├ęd at times. For example, one of the contributing writers does an interview with Jason Schwartzman, and just happens to be fiddling with his Lomo camera when Jason walks through the door.

I think I can look past the little things though, because the magazine is so well produced. The layouts are very clean and simple with Helvetica being the font of choice, and the photography reflects that. Clean lines, plain backgrounds with very few props, but colourful all the same. I think it's safe to say I'll be asking for a subscription for my birthday.

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