30 January 2008

Get yo'self a Valentine! (This week's Etsy Finds)

Valentine's Day is imminent, and this week I'm featuring some stuff that you might be interested in purchasing for your lovey dove, schnookems, or pooky bear. And like I promised last week, I have a few extra goodies for you this week. Let's get started, shall we?

First up we have a one of a kind card from AnnaLaura of Australia. It's $12, but because it's not distinctly "Valentinesy," your loved one could frame it and pop it on the wall. It's a bit of geek-love at it's best!

Next we have a rather innovative product. Massage soap! What a great idea, if I do say so myself. It's flirty, sensual, and pink! It's also only $4.20 per bar at Karen's Soaps

For the Smiths fan in your life, why not get this card that reads "The Morrissey you, the more I like you!" Totally cheesetastic, but rather funny at the same time. In the description, Olive says "I was sitting bored at work and I was thinking of making some sort of Morrissey card and it came to me!!!" A set of 3 cards will only set you back $3.50.

Get all snuggly with this "Zombies need love too" pillow by Cipolla. I really love the appliqu├ęs on this. It's amusing and looks strangely cuddly. This grey cotton pillow measures 14"x14" and costs $45.
And finally, something a bit more traditional: a piece of pretty jewellery (listen up, James!). This Victorian style, sterling silver pendant is perfect for all those who like home made jewellery. It measures approximately 1"x 1" and hangs from an 18" chain. $62 at ImogeneANDannie

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