10 January 2008

Hair pin legs

Just doing my daily browse of other blogs when I came across an article on Apartment Therapy about a guy called Ian McClean, who makes hair pin legs for all you DIYers out there who would like to add a little classic retro kitsch to your furniture. They start from a mere $14/€9.50 each. You can get them at Hairpinlegs.com. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find any Irish equivalent to compare the site too... I can't even find anyone on Ebay who sells them worldwide, so for now, Ian seems to remain our top resource for hair pin legs.


ian said...

why don't you get a few people to go in on a group order? i would be happy to work with someone on that... or even sell a "lot" batch for someone to re-sell local.

-ian maclean
( www.hairpinlegs.com )

Shawna said...

Oh wow, that sounds like a great idea! If I can get a few people to order with me, I'll definitely get a bunch for myself as well. Thanks Ian!