10 January 2008

This Week's Etsy Finds...

Here's a lovely Apron from Memake in London for $55/€37. Not only is it adorable and affordable, it's also customizable. You can choose whatever you'd like to be written in the little patch. I think if I bought one, it would have to say "Lovely Husband" on it, as James does most of the cooking around here.

Since we're on the topic of kitchen wares, have a look at this fun little cupcake tea cosy from MadeintheMeadow. It's such a steal for $10/€6.70.

Next up we have some vegan candles. Wait a second...did I just say vegan candles? Until today I did not realise that vegans had any beef (pun intended) with the beekeepers, but apparently they do....hardcore. There seems to be thousands of vegan candle makers out there. However, whether or not you agree with their politics, you must agree that these tinned candles, made from soy wax, are totally cute. You can purchase a set of three for $9/€6 at Purelily's shop.

And finally, here's something you can enjoy if you have children who are too young to read. Spidercamp sells these soft fleecy dolls with offensive words and phrases on them such as "F*ck Off," "Herpes," and "Pee." Enjoy them while the kids still don't get it. If you don't find colourful language funny, however, you can purchase one with a little heart on it's chest instead. They range between $8.50- $22.00

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