01 January 2008

Wallpaper From the 70's

There are a few places in Dublin to get affordable wallpaper that doesn't look like it belongs in your granny's sitting room. You can pick up rolls at Dunnes for about 20 quid each, but they only offer about 5 or 6 patterns. Habitat also offer rolls at about 40 euro each. Their patterns are a bit more avante garde, but you have more to choose from and the colours are much bolder.

If neither of those options float your boat, you should definitely have a look at Wallpaper From the 70's When they first opened up shop, they had only a few typical 70's geometric patterns that, to be honest, looked fairly dated, but during the past year, they've continued to offer more and more variety. They range from about 20-60 euro per roll, and here are some of my picks:

This is Ambrosia. It's 39.90/roll and would look gorgeous in a small kitchen!

This elegant pattern is called Boreas. It's 33.90, and I'm thinking diningroom...with lots of pretty lucite furniture.
You might recognise this wallpaper. It's been used in a few shops in town in the past year, including the Top Shop just off Grafton street. This would be a great accent wall for a bedroom. It's 48.90/roll.

They also have a few patterns that might be a bit too busy for a whole wall, but they certainly would look nice as framed A4's (8"x12"), like Labama (below). You can purchase A4's in any pattern from their website for only 50 cent each. I'm contemplating getting a few myself.
They have loads more patterns, and shipping costs to Ireland (they're based in Germany) are pretty reasonable.


Rojo said...

Cool blog! The wallpaper that's used in topshop etc. looks like peeling paint tho.. :P I'm gonna do my room up soon. I'm in the attic, so I'm gonna have the two end walls the same, either paint or wallpaper like the ones you've got up here, but I was walking round the other day and I saw these Christmas decorations which were the same kind of design as the wallpaper but you could use them as a stencils so I think I might do that... depending how adventurous I am when I finally get round do decorating the room

Lenny said...

Hi, great blog, great wallpaper site too. Glad to see someone is suffering from lack of great north american design at affordable and realistic prices. Will be sure to check back in soon.

bigtree said...

hi love the blog. Be careful if you order those A4 samples from WFT70s - I ordered 5 (purely for sample purposes) and all but one of them came in a size smaller than A4, one was very small indeed. They did the job for sample purposes but not so much for framing.

Shawna said...

Oh really?! That sucks. Thanks for the heads up!