21 February 2008

Dublin Waste finds

Here's a few things I found on Dublin Waste today that I think could definitely have potential! Keep in mind that most people don't know how to take good photos of the things they are trying to get rid of. Therefore those things could look a lot better in real life.

I like the shape of this dressing table. I think it would look great if someone got some mirrors cut to size and fitted onto the sides and drawers.

This sideboard reminds me of one I saw on Jay Jeffers's site (maybe not as elegant as his). Sand this baby down and paint it a cool colour and you've got yourself a rad piece storage furniture.

I'd really like to see someone use their creative skillz to reupholster this bad boy. I'd love to have some highback seating in my home, but alas, I've no room.

1 comment:

Nathalie said...

oh I would love to get that sofa and cover it with a big pattern !
those are great finds !