20 February 2008

Etsy Finds: Birds

At Rosey's request, this week I'm featuring birds, if only to link to Matte Stephens (I'm still tempted to get a tattoo of his Giant Suburban Bear Monster). I think we could all use some bird-related visuals in house just to add some "flutter" to our lives.
First up we have a print by good ol' Matte Stephens. Abundant in colour and mid-century kitsch as usual, as well as very affordable at $35. Did I mention this one's a limited edition?

Here's a cute little note card set by Ouou. I just love the Asian inspired illustration. The little goth girl reminds me of me back in highschool (tee hee hee). A set of four will set you back a whole $8.50.

Next we have an original painting by Emma Klingbeil that is only loosely related to birds, but I think was still worth a mention. You might remember her work from a post I made a few weeks ago. For $54, this one measures 10"x 10"x 1".

And today's grand finale is an adorable stuffed owl from PlantsAndAnimals. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I had a sewing machine. Just a few more days till my birthday, so who knows? I might get one. Anyway this little guy (made of fleece and wool felt) is a steal at $22.

And there you have it folks! Keep those theme requests coming in, as it really helps me narrow down what I feature each week.


Nathalie said...

I love Matte ! I bought the big owl painting at xmas but i still have to frame it coz i like it so much that i am in search for the perfect frame ..shame on me !!

rosey said...

Birds - yay! I love the painting by Emma Klingbeil, it's fab.

Did anyone catch Grand Designs last night? What a nightmare build that couple had!

Shawna said...

Yeah, I saw it. How awful! They are so lucky they didn't have to pay for that retaining wall. Gorgeous house though. I loved their staircase!