28 February 2008

Fred and Friends

I'm a big fan of Fred and Friends. So is my sister in law, who happens to be obsessed with her Mon-key key covers. Every time we get in her car she likes to mention them. "Look guys...Mon-keys!" I can't say I blame her. They are pretty sweet. So is most everything on Fred's website. Here's a few of my favourites. You've probably seen all these before either in Urban Outfitters or on various websites across the globe. But I really feel like I need to give credit where credit's due.
Frozen teeth are a sick joke waiting to happy. I would definitely use them to freak out the parents (both mine and his).

This little minimalist cherub is the epitome of the phrase "rock out with your cock out." Yet another little item I'd use to make my family uncomfortable.

I really wish they made these when I was a kid. Oh how my sister and I would struggle when my dad brought home chicken teriyaki for dinner. We always gave up and opted for a fork, but now the next generation of Asian food eaters don't have to.

I always thought people who wore those Velvet Underground t-shirts with the Andy Warhol banana on them were so pretentious. So seeing that someone has poked fun at that with a anti-slip shower mat has made me smile. I think that's my favourite part about Fred and Friends. It's all well designed stuff that's not afraid to poke fun at design.

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kirstie said...

!! I must have the mon-keys!