13 February 2008

This week's Etsy finds...

Today we'll be having a look at some stuff that involves one of our favourite things in the world: tea! There's nothing like a good cup of tea and some telly in the afternoon.

First we have a double print set by Labpartners. I'm not a huge fan of mint-coloured things, but I think it looks good here with the black. Only $22 for both prints.
Next we have a lovely mug print fabric by Cricket Court. She may be 68, but this lady's got some damn cute fabrics to sell! They're a steal at only $10 for 2 yards.

Niandra has some fun, handpainted plates up for sale. They're $26 each, but it doesn't say if they are machine washable, so if you're interested, it's probably best if you ask her.

German seller, Seasprayblue, makes these awesome earth-toned prints. I love the simple lines and font. I think I might ask for one of these for my birthday actually. Our kitchen is in desperate need of a bit of artwork. At $17 each, it shouldn't be too hard to find someone to buy me one.

And lastly, we have one of my favourites, Strawberry Luna, with this limited edition Decemberists poster. It's a bit more expensive at $75, but I think it well worth it to for a piece of brilliant artwork made for an equally brilliant band.

And there you have it folks! If you've any theme requests for next week's finds, just give me a shout!


rosey said...

Shawna, you just made my day! I was about to suggest a bird-theme for next week (not too original I know!) but decided to rush off and check out that fab Decemberists poster first. Unfortunately, $75 is slightly above my (ahem) monthly poster budget but what did I find in Strawberry Luna's shop but another gorgeous Decemberists poster for $20... with birds all over it! Woo!

Shawna said...

Is it the Orange and black one, because if so, it's hanging on the wall just to the left of me. If you get it, you won't be disappointed; it's totally rad...and she sends nice little treats in the package as well ;-)