06 February 2008

Tonight on Grand Designs

Last week's home

Tonight's Grand Designs is sure to be interesting. This week's couple, inspired by horror movies are building an Addams Family style house. How on earth would you get planning permission for a build like that, I wonder? I like when they feature strange types of buildings, but I really hope that it doesn't end up like one of those themed monstrousities on Monster House. Hmmm...I don't think Kevvy-wevvy would do that to us.

Anyway, what did you all think of last week's home? I must say, I wasn't very impressed by it design-wise (except for the transparent-to-opaque doors which were brilliant!). I think it's cool if you can take certain elements of commercial building and make it work in a residential home, but, to me, it really just looked like an office building with a few family portraits and an over-indulgent kitchen. However, the family seemed to be very happy in their corporate home, so I guess that's what counts.

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