06 March 2008

Aiveen Daly

Lately I've been fascinated with upholstery (sometimes day dreaming about patterns has gotten me in trouble in work), so when I read an article about Aiveen Daly in the March issue of Vogue, I was thrilled. Her chairs and sofas are so unique. I wish I could afford to have her cover all my furniture!

She wasn't always an upholstery genius though. She has a degree in Russian and business from Trinity College, but after finding herself trying to pin new fabrics on her generic, contemporary furniture, she decided to enroll at the London College of Furniture and soon opened up a studio in West London.

After reading that article a couple weeks ago, I came home to find an ugly, neglected armchair in the hallway of our building. I was inspired, and now that ugly neglected armchair sits in our livingroom waiting to be covered. I also mentioned the article to my boss, and as it turns out, she knows a little about upholstery herself and is more than willing to help me out with my first covering experience.

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zee said...

I saw Aiveen in the current issue of H&H- I love her approach to upholstery. I've done a few very small upholstery projects myself and had great fun doing them (when is using a staple gun NOT fun?). but I have one more advanced project that I'm waiting to find the perfect fabric for that I can't wait to get started on.