31 March 2008

Bringing the inside out!

(I try desperately to keep my ears warm)
(James thinks the acoustics in that field are great!)

Yesterday myself and James woke up at 5am to do a photoshoot at sunrise...in Cavan! Tired doesn't even begin to describe what we were feeling. Fortunately though, I was really excited about this shoot because it involved moving a really really really old piano out into the middle of a field.

It was fabulous! Half the keys didn't work, the ones that did were completely out of tune, the veneer was peeling off from 15 years of being stored in a damp shed, and we're pretty sure it was home to many a rat. The thing was so old, it had candlestick holders on the front. It had so much character to it, it was sad to see it in the condition that it was, but hey, at least we got some use out of it before it's destroyed completely.

I wish I could post one of the pictures of the musician with it. They look so cool together. But since I can't, you just get pictures of me and James with it instead!


philip said...

wahey...my piano...my field...my word! so cool...god on one side, shawna on the other, wellies hidden out of shot and the cat streaking homeward...it's what the first day of summer is all about!

(if you want to stick up any other photos, to show how much you guys rock as photo makers, you have my permission by the way!)

Shawna said...

Really? Thanks Philip! I am pretty proud of our lighting in those pictures. Getting up at 5am was soooo worth it.

Nathalie said...

Hey Shawna really love those shots and the concept behind !
It must have been taugh getting up so early but it really paid off the light is amazing ! i can nearly feel the crisp chilly of the morning coming through..

Shawna said...

Thanks Nathalie! Yeah, those were just lighting tests we did at the very beginning of the shoot, but I'm quite happy with them. haha, my mom likes them anyway :-)