03 March 2008

Facet your seatbelts!

Usually when we visit Habitat, I tend to cause James to say things like "This can only end in tears," or "Where on Earth do you plan on fitting that thing?" I get a bit like a magpie and go for anything shiny and pretty, and he'll have to drag me away from it.

Yesterday though, James, a fool for shapes and geometry, found a vase that he really likes. That's right...a vase! So much so, that he went up to the sales counter to ask someone about it. Let's get one thing straight: James doesn't like vases, or even flowers that much. That's how cool the Faceted vases are. The light hits it and creates all these shadows and bright spots. The pictures don't do them justice. It's something you really have to see in the shop. The large one is €42 and the smaller one is €20.

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