03 March 2008

Holy Ceramic Tiles, Batman!

I heart Regina Spektor. But I don't know what I love more, her music or the set design in some of her videos. I loved the set in the video for "Fidelity" so much that I decided long ago that I would copy my bathroom after it. So last week I went out to B+Q and picked up 180 euros worth of black and white ceramic tiles.

The tiles are small (about 2"x 2"), so they came on sheets. I didn't think the pattern would be too visually busy, but as I got all the sheets layed out on the floor and stood back to have a look at it, I suddenly felt sick. Like most Irish males, James's response was "Ah sure it's grand, you'll get used to it. Or you could throw a bath mat down." I think it needs to be said that I will not be throwing any bath mat down of any description. Now my goal for tonight is to peel every single tile of their sheets and lay them out in 3x3 squares, ironically enough, much like in the video. Wish me luck!

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KEYNOTER said...

Best of luck;) I look forward to seeing the finished product;)