24 March 2008

Hulger/ Plumen

This is sort of a double blog. Two subjects for the price of one. The first is a company called Hulger, who make stylish handsets for mobile phones, most of which are fairly retro in design. This is exciting for me, because I absolutely detest mobiles. What was once an invention of convenience and the way of the future (I remember my parents owning one in the early 90's that was the size of a brick), has become a festering wound on society's manners.

But if I can't destroy the some 3.3 billion mobiles of the world in a giant blazing phone fire, I can at least make mine look a totally cute and a bit less mobile-like. They also work for Skype, so no more fiddling with those horrible computer microphones.

The Hulger company have also created prototypes for their Plumen Project, and holy crap! It's CFL bulbs that actually look cool! I would almost be willing to say it's ok to have bare bulbs in the house...as long as they popped in a few of these babies. Besides, why should lampshades have all the fun? Please, if you happen to be a bulb manufacturer in Ireland, I implore you to set up a meeting with this company, as it would be totally awesome if these were readily available at the likes of Woodies or B&Q.

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bigtree said...

I totally want all of these