24 March 2008

Knitted Icons

Today James and I were wandering about the photography and design sections of Waterstones in the Jervis Centre when I found, quite possibly, the most pointless, yet highly entertaining books I've ever read. It's called Knitted Icons by Carol Meldrum. Each page has instructions on how to make knitted versions of celebrities we all know and love.

When I think of little knitted people, I tend to associate them with single, middle-aged women who own a massive collection of them that they keep in their own special room, which is generally covered entirely in salmon pink wallpaper with several mahogany display cabinets to store the little knitted community in. These women would also, more often or not, have another room to keep their twelve cats in.

For some reason though, I didn't think those dreaded thoughts when I saw this book. I actually thought they were quite cute, especially the David Bowie one. I could see young parents making these for their kids to teach them about cool people in pop culture. Still quite pointless...but for some reason, I kind of have the urge to make a few myself. I mean, how can anyone resist the charms of the Jackie O doll?


Lorna said...

These knitted icons were on the Graham Norton show a few months ago, along with the person who knitted them. As you can imagine, Graham Norton had some good comments to make about them!

Love your blog by the way, have just come across it. Mine is a sort of interiors/fabric/farm/family life mixture. www.gdlaneinteriors.ie/blog if you are interested. Keep up the good work. Lorna

Shawna said...

Oh yes, I've read your blog before! Very nice to hear from you. Oh I wish I had seen that episode. I bet it was hilarious :-)