26 March 2008

Like a bird with a French Fry

I remember as a child going to the orthodontist and seeing loads of those inspirational posters with pictures of kittens and mountains with the obligatory bible verse or Albert Einstein quote slapped on top of it. So needless to say I've been a bit turned off by them since my youth. I found this one on Etsy by Dazey Chic for $45 and thought it was just so clever and nice to look at that I'd have to post it. Don't let the crappy Dublin weather get you down people!


Rojo said...

LOVE the header, Shawna!

Shawna said...

Cheers Ronan! My friend Robert Iza made it for me. We hired him to help design an album cover we did the photography for, and we were so blown away by the results, I forced him to make a blog header for me. His blog is called Robot Iza; it's on my blog list.

Rojo said...

Yeah I remember you blogged about him before. It's so, so cool. :-) Btw, I'm buying knitted icons. :D