26 March 2008

Playing it by ear...should I sell my drum kit?

I've been battling with this question for months. My predicament started just over a year ago when I decided to buy a drumkit. I had already been taking lessons for a while and I was ready to make the big purchase. For a while, it was brilliant. I was learning a lot, and my teacher said I had the potential to be a really good drummer. Then in September, he moved to London for a masterclass (he was one of less than 10 people who got accepted), and my practicing sort of...well...stopped. We got together a few times when he came back for Christmas holidays, but I just haven't had (or should I say made) time to continue practicing.

Now here's my dilemma, my kit takes up space...and it's pretty ugly. One thing that's missing from that picture is the massive amount of wires that accompany it. Should I get rid of it? I'd hate to sell it just because of it's looks; it's ok with furniture, but I have an emotional attachment to this thing. I think I'd like a real drum kit that looks good, but I can't really afford one. Then I wonder, would I start practicing again if I had a nicer kit? My musician friends say I should keep it. Everyone else says sell it. What do you think?


Nathalie said...

I think you should keep it if you are still going to play it !
Practice and practice and when you get really good at it you can then get a nicer one ?
Sounds fun playing it :)
Plus i think its cool you can see your hobbies displayed in your home even if they don't create the perfect picture :)

zee said...

Even if you're not currently playing your kit, that doesn't mean that you NEVER will again, so I think it would be best to hang on to it. If you get rid of it and later your interest is rekindled, or you find someone new to practice with, you won't be able to without a kit! John has two big drum kits in our home, behind the blue door in our living room - if I had my way that space would be an adorable pantry, but like Nathalie says, a hobby is more important than a perfectly styled home (it sort of sucks when one of your hobbies is maintaining a perfectly styled home though!)

Shawna said...

thanks guys. That's just the sort of motivation I needed to keep it. Now all I need to do now is play the darn thing!