07 March 2008

RTE's Show House= Blah!

I don't even know why I watch this show. I always end up swearing at the telly screen, which I don't like doing because our telly has been very good to us the past couple of years. I'm just absolutely amazed at some of the people who come on that show and describe themselves as "designers." I've yet to see anything eye-catching or innovative. It really makes me worry that maybe that's the best Ireland has to offer. I have to keep telling myself that it's ok, because the kinds of Irish designers who actually are innovative and forward thinking wouldn't be caught dead on an RTE reality show. I also think that perhaps I'm looking at it from the wrong perspective; that the people on the show know that they have to appeal to the general public to win, but then again, even if that's so, it still does not excuse some of rooms I've seen on the show. Here's some examples:

I know I've seen this room on daft somewhere...hmmm....

No amount of lilies is going to save this room from such a bland colour scheme.

Ok, I'm not a designer or anything, but seriously! This person should have known better than to leave a room so empty and barren-looking.

Oh my GOD! Attack of the beige walls!!! This is a good example of how not to use pastels.

Furthermore, there seems to be absolutely no camaraderie between the designers. What ever happened to inspiring each other and benefiting from each other's ideas and knowledge? Sadly, I'll probably continue to watch the show as it gives me something to yell at.


rosey said...

I've only seen the last episode of the show, and while the rooms weren't as bad as the examples above (that last one is a shocker) I wasn't impressed with the designers. One of them had pebbles along the bottom of the bath and when a viewer pointed out she had a three year old and so this wouldn't suit, her response was something like 'well, the three year old won't be in the bath with you'..! Meanwhile, the other designer claimed bevelled mirrors were her signature look... ah, ok love, whatever you say.

Though now I'll probably tune in again just to see how annoyed it makes me!

Shawna said...

I saw that one too. I like how your woman decided to nix the child's room for a "meditation room." and I like how the "meditation room" consisted of a couple chairs and a floor cushion. lol.

Yeah that bevelled mirror thing made me laugh.

Lenny said...

i think we're stuck with this show for now....Nothing compared to the shows you can get on HGTV. I miss my canadian design shows.....at least I can view lots of video online. Check out Cityline.ca - go to house tours and you'll see some serious designers at work.
By the way, any comments on Finishing Touches which airs on City Channel?