18 March 2008

Sit Stil

This weekend I was desperate to cut off the mop that was inhabiting the top of my skull, so I went to see my hair dresser, Richie, who just happens to be the most amazing hair dresser on the planet. His style of cutting and chopping is not too dissimilar from Edward Scissorhands (but with much better results obviously).

Even if Richie wasn't there to make my hair look cool, I think I'd still go to the Sit Stil salon anyway, just based on it's interior (ha ha, see how I tied that in there?). The waiting area has gorgeous, recovered antique furniture and instead of covering up the floor with cold, boring tiles, they've varnished the original floorboards. The place is truly unique and the staff are excellent! I'd recommend it to anyone who's in need of a hairdresser that cares.


zee said...

Cute haircut! I loooove your glasses too.

Shawna said...

Thanks! I got them at that optician a few doors down from the Gaiety. I think they're called Specs Express or something.

KEYNOTER said...

Hi there, great hair cut. Must be the season. I just got five inches off mine:) Ahhhh the freedom;) Enjly Thailand. You lucky, lucky, girl;)