30 April 2008

L'Affiche Moderne

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a website called L'Affiche Moderne. There was no message, just a link. I almost dismissed it as spam until I scrolled below the link and found a couple of pictures that caught my eye. I was delighted to find that L'Affiche Moderne was site that offered limited edition posters by some pretty amazing artists at very reasonable prices. 50cm posters are are €59 and 30cm posters are €29. They have something to fit everyone's tastes, so get to buying people!

29 April 2008

Get naked for art!!!

You've probably already heard about it on the radio or read about it in the Metro, but photographer Spencer Tunick is coming to Dublin and he's bringing hoards of naked folk with him to the Docklands! Despite several "no's" from James, I signed both of us up for the event. It's on the 21st of June, with a photoshoot in Cork on the 17th of June as well. If large scale exhibitionism tickles your fancy (remember, it's all for the sake of art people), you can sign up on his website here. If not, keep your eye out for me in that dublin photo showing a bit of cheek.

27 April 2008

DIY Sundays.

(I promise James took out those rubbish bags right after this picture was taken)

Sundays tend to be my DIY days, and today was no exception. My wallpaper arrived from Germany on Friday and I had fully intended on getting the stairs done. However, i only managed to get a bit of painting done on them, as my dear, sweet husband managed to forget my numerous warnings and stepped on two of the wet steps before realising he had paint on his socks... So now I have to wait for those to dry, sand off the bits of sock fluff, and paint again before popping the wallpaper on.

(Before...notice the cheesey, fake marble effect on the tiles)

Fear not, my lovely readers, as I was able to turn my attentions elsewhere, namely the tiles above my sink and in my shower. I've always hated them. It's the kind of hatred only a renter could have towards something their landlord insisted putting in because it was "cheap." Some nights, I'd lie awake plotting ways to kill those tiles. And today I had my revenge by smothering them in ridiculous amounts of highly volotile organic compounds (aka tile paint). Sure, I feel terrible about the amount of harm I've done to the planet today, but if it's any consolation to our Mother Earth, I haven't turned on our heaters in like a month, and I don't own a car, so I think we're ok....

(After...see what five minutes and a coat of paint can do?)

The only bad thing about doing this, other than the obvious environmental affects, is that now I really really want to replace those ugly taps. I mean seriously people, Burger King has better taps than those!

25 April 2008

Christina Vantouz!

I'm absolutely loving these prints by Christina Vantouz! They satisfy my need for images involving animals mixed with people as well as colours that go well with my living room. Hooray! They're slightly more expensive than most of the art I post on here at $120 each, but if you take into account that the price is in dollars and it includes world wide shipping, how can you say no? Even if they're not your thing, have a look at her website. She's got some totally rad flash animation going on there!

23 April 2008

Whistle While you Work

When it comes to DIY, there's a few things we all need to get the job done: the proper tools, the right materials, and of course something to listen to whilst working on your project. Even though I probably work faster without music (impromptu dance attacks generally happen at least once an hour), it makes working on the project that much more enjoyable and memorable. Below is a list I've compiled of bands that I like to listen to whilst working on particular jobs.

Painting- Roy Orbison, David Bowie, Blondie, The Beatles

Tiling- Beastie Boys, REM, Polyphonic Spree, The Young Knives, Cold War Kids

Decoupage- Edith Piaf, Regina Spektor, Belle and Sebastian

Wallpapering- Arcade Fire, The Cure, The Decemberists, Editors

Rearranging Furniture- CSS, Delorentos, The Supremes, Vampire Weekend

What do you guys listen to when working on your home? Please share your musical inspirations!

22 April 2008

Wallpaper and visiting mothers...

Yesterday I ordered my "Bindwind" wallpaper from Wallpaper From the 70's. It should be here in the next few days. Yeah! Hopefully, the paper will be here by the weekend, as Sunday will be my only day off between now and when my mother comes to visit at the start of May. In fact, the whole house has to be perfect before she gets here. The last time herself and my dad were over from Seattle, it was just a few months after we moved in, and we didn't even have a proper couch for them to sit on. I think some serious Spring cleaning is in order as well.

21 April 2008

Mister Lonely

I came across this trailer last night. I love Samantha Morton and Diego Luna, and the idea of a bunch of celebrity impersonators living together in a commune just seems so funny and endearing. But seriously though, how on earth could they afford lake front property with a castle?! I suppose that's all part of the fantasy.

Yellowy Spring inspiration!

(Photo by Go Shine)

(by Haaaley)

Since we had a couple of days of nearly uninterrupted sunshine the week before last, I have determined that it must be Spring. With that said, I'd like to share some Springtime inspiration with you, using one of my favourite Spring colours: yellow!

18 April 2008

Decorating in a Haunted House!

Last night I was having drinks with a friend of mine who recently moved into a newly renovated apartment in Rathmines and has asked me to help her decorate her room. It's an old building and her bedroom is a restored attic space. I thought perhaps our biggest challenge would be to get the landlord to allow us to paint over the pea green paint. Then she told me the house was haunted.

Like most people, I think the idea of ghosts is completely ridiculous and highly illogical, if my friend was Mulder, I'd definitely be Scully. However, when left alone in old houses, the slightest noise gives me the heebie-jeebies. Don't know why. So just to be on the safe side, I want to do everything in my power not to piss off her ghost that may or may not exist.

If I've learned anything from movies, however, it's that all ghosts get pissed off at people who move into their gaff, especially if they redecorate! And not all ghosts are as friendly and reserved as Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis in Beetle Juice, so we should be extra careful.

I planned on framing some gig posters of her favourite bands. But what if the ghost isn't a fan of Bjork or Explosions in the Sky? Will he melt our faces with his scary ghost eyes? Short of hiring a medium to find out if he prefers A Merimekko wall hanging to Cole and Son wallpaper, I really don't know how to appease this ghost. Then again, the noises and things started before she ever did anything to the room, so with a bit of luck, maybe her ghost actually wants us to redecorate!

14 April 2008

dublin waste chairs!

I just found a very cute pair of fixer-upper chairs and sofa on Dublinwaste.ie. The upholstery doesn't even look that bad. A fresh coat of paint on the wood in a cool colour and throw some funky cushions on that couch, and you could have something really sweet. Maybe someone out there in the blog world might want them.

13 April 2008


(Gocco greeting card by Apak. $4.00)

After a long, arduous 7-hour photoshoot today, I plopped down on the couch, flipped open the laptop and started looking for octopi on Etsy. As summer approaches, we're seeing more and more sailor-styled clothing in the shops, and with that, I really hope we see more nautical imagery, and in particular, the octopus.

However, when I did a search for "octopus," I found tons of pictures of said creature on people's heads. Was there some sort of weird, collective telekinesis with loads of artists one day that just said "Octoheads...brilliant!"? It's a strange sort of trend, yes, but some of these images, I think, are actually pretty cool.
(4"x4" print by Noosed Kitty. Only $5.00)

(Limited edition 7"x7" print by Anne Julie. 22 squids...forgive the pun)

(Just to change it up a bit, here's a 8.5"x 17" print of a girl on an octopus's head by Animalsleep. 45 squids)

10 April 2008

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen

There's been some talk recently over at Homebug about fabulous hotels, most of which are located in equally fabulous Ireland, but at the reccomendation of one of Zee's readers, Ciara, I visited the site of Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. Holy crap! If I wasn't so desperate to go somewhere tropical for my holidays, I'd be going there.

Hotel Fox is like a massive art project...that you can sleep in. It consists of 61 rooms, each individually designed by 21 international artists. They all came together from the worlds of graphic design, graffiti, and street art to help create this amazing boutique Hotel. One of my favourite things about this place is the Tour De Fox option. It allows you to sleep in 3 different rooms for 3 nights. You can watch the whole process of the design and renovation in a short movie they've made here.

08 April 2008

A New Reason to Go to Boston

Apartment Therapy recently posted a house tour of a beautiful bed & breakfast on the south end of Boston. The owner, Stephen, used his experiences travelling as inspiration when remodling the old brownstone property 14 years ago, and I think it definitely shows. The house is very mainstream as far as colour and pattern, but still very stylish and elegant. There's loads of modern mixed with antiques. And that bathtub just looks soooooo relaxing! You can check out the rest of the 30-picture house tour here.

07 April 2008

Rosie Music

There's just something about rock n' roll and art that just goes together so brilliantly. A great example of this is RosieMusic on Etsy. Her stuff is cutsie, girly, but totally rockin'. But if guitars and keyboards aren't your thing, she's got plenty of pictures featuring a variety of nerdy activities like knitting and computers too.

Sexy Furniture

A couple of months ago, a friend and I were sharing a bottle of wine and doing some catching up, and towards the end of the bottle she made a rather generalised comment about the Dutch. "They're all sluts!" she giggled.

I thought perhaps it was just the wine talking until today when I came across a photo of a fruit bowl shaped like four breasts, only to find out it was made by Dutch designer and sculptor, Mario Philippona. As I browsed through some of his other works, like the legs table and the high heeled wine tray, I started to wonder if my friend's slightly outrageous statement was somewhat true. Whatever the case, Mario's works are brilliantly sculpted and made from gorgeous woods. He's like a much tamer version of H.R. Giger.

As much as I'd love some erotic furniture in my house, I wonder if it's at all practical. If you have kids, how do you explain to them why a table shaped like bent over, high heeled ladies is cool? Or if you're like me, and you use your living area to meet clients, you don't want to make them uncomfortable by serving refreshments out of boob-shaped bowl. I dunno. Erotic furniture in your homes? Yea or nay? Sexy or Tacky?

04 April 2008

Funny Games

I just got back from seeing the film Funny Games at Cineworld. I must say, I've never seen a film like it....EVER! It was probably the most twisted movie I've ever seen, but if you're willing to sit through two hours of complete sadistic sickness, you're in for a interior design treat! The film takes place in a Hamptons weekend home full of gorgeous, traditional American decorating. Whites, woods, and periwinkle blues dominate the colour scheme like a much softer, more loving version of American Beauty.

Hmmm...whenever I think back to my grandpa's old beach place in Washington, all I can think of was ugly wood panelling from the 60's and ceramic maritime figurines. But I digress. The home in Funny Games is completely immaculate, full of light and air, and the kitchen is to die for; quite literally to die for. But despite all that beauty and sense of Americana perfection, if you do decide to see this film, you might second guess purchasing that home in the Hamptons.

P.S. Oh yeah, and if you're a total film geek like me, you might agree that this has, like, the best opening to a movie ever!

01 April 2008

Kylie at Home

I heard a while back that Kylie Minogue had released a collection of homewares and thought "Great! She's got mad style, Darling is one of my favourite perfumes, but will it really come to Ireland?" Well some of you might be pleased to know that she's officially kicked Twiggy's ass to the curb to become the new queen of Dunnes Stores Bedding. Twiggy still has her spot in the store, but she's kind of been put on the back burner.

I must say though, I wasn't impressed with Kylie's new bedding and cushions. A lot of it looked like it was made from the clothes of Copper Face Jacks patrons. The theme is definitely Bling. The cushions were covered in sequins, fringe, and shiny metallic animal print, and the duvets were similarly decorated. I did a touch test and none of them felt that nice against the skin in any way. I did, however, like the faux silk cushions with the big bows on them. I suppose it all boils down to the age old question of style vs. substance.

Some dude on top of a piano...

Ok, since apparently, our client reads this blog, I now have permission to post some of the photos we took with that old piano. Thanks again Philip!!! But I don't want to deviate too much away from the world of design, so I'll just post one that I really like.