18 April 2008

Decorating in a Haunted House!

Last night I was having drinks with a friend of mine who recently moved into a newly renovated apartment in Rathmines and has asked me to help her decorate her room. It's an old building and her bedroom is a restored attic space. I thought perhaps our biggest challenge would be to get the landlord to allow us to paint over the pea green paint. Then she told me the house was haunted.

Like most people, I think the idea of ghosts is completely ridiculous and highly illogical, if my friend was Mulder, I'd definitely be Scully. However, when left alone in old houses, the slightest noise gives me the heebie-jeebies. Don't know why. So just to be on the safe side, I want to do everything in my power not to piss off her ghost that may or may not exist.

If I've learned anything from movies, however, it's that all ghosts get pissed off at people who move into their gaff, especially if they redecorate! And not all ghosts are as friendly and reserved as Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis in Beetle Juice, so we should be extra careful.

I planned on framing some gig posters of her favourite bands. But what if the ghost isn't a fan of Bjork or Explosions in the Sky? Will he melt our faces with his scary ghost eyes? Short of hiring a medium to find out if he prefers A Merimekko wall hanging to Cole and Son wallpaper, I really don't know how to appease this ghost. Then again, the noises and things started before she ever did anything to the room, so with a bit of luck, maybe her ghost actually wants us to redecorate!

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