27 April 2008

DIY Sundays.

(I promise James took out those rubbish bags right after this picture was taken)

Sundays tend to be my DIY days, and today was no exception. My wallpaper arrived from Germany on Friday and I had fully intended on getting the stairs done. However, i only managed to get a bit of painting done on them, as my dear, sweet husband managed to forget my numerous warnings and stepped on two of the wet steps before realising he had paint on his socks... So now I have to wait for those to dry, sand off the bits of sock fluff, and paint again before popping the wallpaper on.

(Before...notice the cheesey, fake marble effect on the tiles)

Fear not, my lovely readers, as I was able to turn my attentions elsewhere, namely the tiles above my sink and in my shower. I've always hated them. It's the kind of hatred only a renter could have towards something their landlord insisted putting in because it was "cheap." Some nights, I'd lie awake plotting ways to kill those tiles. And today I had my revenge by smothering them in ridiculous amounts of highly volotile organic compounds (aka tile paint). Sure, I feel terrible about the amount of harm I've done to the planet today, but if it's any consolation to our Mother Earth, I haven't turned on our heaters in like a month, and I don't own a car, so I think we're ok....

(After...see what five minutes and a coat of paint can do?)

The only bad thing about doing this, other than the obvious environmental affects, is that now I really really want to replace those ugly taps. I mean seriously people, Burger King has better taps than those!


husband said...

do you think the paint will come out of my socks?

Rach said...

I wish my landlord would let me paint the tiles! Mine are the same 'faux marble' but in peach. ::gasp::

Looks great! :)

Shawna said...

at the risk of sounding slightly morally questionable, I'd say go ahead and do it anyway. Your landlord probably won't even remember what the tiles looked like before, especially if you just paint them white :-P

sarah said...

Hey Shawna, love the site and love your attitude! Have insprired me to have a go at the kitchen tiles, however cause they get quite greasy, do you know how the paint stands up to being scrubbed?

Shawna said...

Thanks Sarah! I haven't actually used the tile paint on my kitchen backsplash just yet, but I think as long as you use a soft sponge on them, they should be fine.