10 April 2008

Hotel Fox in Copenhagen

There's been some talk recently over at Homebug about fabulous hotels, most of which are located in equally fabulous Ireland, but at the reccomendation of one of Zee's readers, Ciara, I visited the site of Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. Holy crap! If I wasn't so desperate to go somewhere tropical for my holidays, I'd be going there.

Hotel Fox is like a massive art project...that you can sleep in. It consists of 61 rooms, each individually designed by 21 international artists. They all came together from the worlds of graphic design, graffiti, and street art to help create this amazing boutique Hotel. One of my favourite things about this place is the Tour De Fox option. It allows you to sleep in 3 different rooms for 3 nights. You can watch the whole process of the design and renovation in a short movie they've made here.

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