13 April 2008


(Gocco greeting card by Apak. $4.00)

After a long, arduous 7-hour photoshoot today, I plopped down on the couch, flipped open the laptop and started looking for octopi on Etsy. As summer approaches, we're seeing more and more sailor-styled clothing in the shops, and with that, I really hope we see more nautical imagery, and in particular, the octopus.

However, when I did a search for "octopus," I found tons of pictures of said creature on people's heads. Was there some sort of weird, collective telekinesis with loads of artists one day that just said "Octoheads...brilliant!"? It's a strange sort of trend, yes, but some of these images, I think, are actually pretty cool.
(4"x4" print by Noosed Kitty. Only $5.00)

(Limited edition 7"x7" print by Anne Julie. 22 squids...forgive the pun)

(Just to change it up a bit, here's a 8.5"x 17" print of a girl on an octopus's head by Animalsleep. 45 squids)


Rojo said...

Hey, I finally have something to contribute to all these art posts!


Check out Keith Noordzy's site - he's obsessed with squid and is actually really, really good!

Becky said...

Hehe, maybe they have octo"pussy" on the brain, eh?

Okay, I'm so wrong. Horrible Becky! Horrible!!

Shawna said...

Ronan- That guy's stuff is soooo cool! Thanks for sharing

Becky- sounds like maybe you've got the octo"pussy" on the brain...you sicko! lol

Rojo said...

Yeah, he's really talented. Here's his blog if you're interested: