29 May 2008

Rooftop Garden Envy

(Photo by Tvancort)

After all that crummy rain this week, it's so nice to have such a lovely, sunny Thursday, especially when you're off work! Yeah! However, it really makes me wish I had garden in stead of a building site. I'd really love a private rooftop garden, secluded from the rest of world. But since can only dream of the day our landlord will let us make one, I'll just have to keep looking at pictures on Flickr or travel Down to Avoca in Wicklow to get my garden fix. Here's a few rooftop gardens I especially like.

(Photo by Felix Haslimeier)

(Photo by TonyCT)

(Photo by Jodimarr)

(photo by Horses and Tigers)

Just a quick P.S. I had a few more gorgeous pictures I wanted to post, including a garden in Venice, but blogger is being a bit crap and won't let me add any more pictures for some reason. Boooo!

28 May 2008

Movie Interiors: Rear Window

As far as set design goes, I'd have to say my favourite Hitchcock film is Rear Window, mostly because it's a movie about people's homes and what goes on in them. My favourite is the musician's apartment. It's so clean and elegant. James Stewart's place is cluttered and dark, but full of gorgeous lamps and spacious enough for Grace Kelly to float around in those amazing dresses. If you don't own Rear Window already, you can pick it up at HMV. It usually goes for about a fiver.

27 May 2008

Leather suite on Dublin Waste

Firstly, I'd just like to apologise for not being around the past few days. We had a bit of an emergency that required us to fly to England, but we're back now and ready to give you the latest in affordable design. And it doesn't get much more affordable than free!

I'm loving this 3-piece suite I found of Dublin Waste. Not entirely sure if those fabric cushions are original, but they're still darling nonetheless. It was just posted yesterday, so hopefully one of you might still have a chance to get your hands on it. Sometimes I wonder if people realise what they are giving away, because this is such a cute little set and it seems to be in pretty good condition.

21 May 2008

Punky Punks

The other day I suffered a really bad hair cutting experience. My regular hairdresser, Richie, wasn't there so I let one of the other girls chop my mop instead. Big mistake! I told her I just wanted my regular cut, slightly boyish and funky. I guess she misinterpreted that, because she essentially gave me a men's cut and charged me 70 euros. The only way I could make it resemble something of a normal hairdo was to go punk and wear it in a mohawk.

So to celebrate my newfound anger at the establishment, the government, and society in general, I've decided to do a Dawanda roundup of all things punk and punk related. Dawanda is a fantastic European-based website full of handmade goods from sellers all over the world.
First up we have these nifty little plastic pistol earrings from Glamasaurus in Swizterland for 6 Euros. And guess what? The shipping is free on these guys!

Here we have the Anarchist knit bag by ScandicWoolArt for 66 Euros.

I don't really think this is what the Ramones had in mind when they wrote "Blitzkrieg Bop" but I like these Y-fronts all the same. Hueftkino also make a girlie version as well. Both are 17.90.

Of course no punk wardrobe would be complete without some sweet badges. I'm loving the ones by Inko, especially this Rock the World badge for 1.10.

Well that's it for me. The husband is nagging me to watch the last few minutes of Chelsea vs Man United. I guess it's important or something...

19 May 2008

John Lee

I went down to the Interior Design show at the RDS yesterday. I was quite impressed by many of the stalls. There were a few there that looked like they threw as much of their store into their section as they could possibly fit, but for the most part, most of the companies had well presented areas.

One furniture designer in particular caught our attention. John Lee from Co. Kildare makes bespoke wooden pieces of sheer brilliance. The pictures really don't do them justice at all. I love the massive amounts of legs on some of the tables. They look sort of African but quite bizarre as well, like something out of a Tim Burton movie. You could almost imagine them walking away like giant wooden caterpillars...or maybe that's just me. You can check out more of his work here

15 May 2008

Jimmy Martin comes to Ireland

If Rock n' Roll and furniture had a love baby, the work of Swedish design duo Jimmy Martin would definitely be it. And lucky for us, their work is now available in Ireland through interior design company Studio 44. Of course, their pieces are one of a kind and I can't find prices for them which isn't really a good sign on the affordability end of things. Oh well, a girl can still dream can't she?

14 May 2008

Wellies, Baby, Wellies!

With festival season fast approaching, I thought it appropriate to post some really sweet footwear that with any luck, may be gracing the likes of my feet during the likes of any number of musical events this summer, because as we all know, it's not about what music you like, how much booze you can smuggle in, or even how many Top-Shop dresses you can fit into your weekend bag; it's all about how neato-cheeto your Wellingtons are!

Checking out Goldfrapp, Bat for Lashes, or any other girlie band known for their horse imagery? Why not try riding your white horse in these babies from Wellieart.com.

Perhaps you're watching something a bit more hardcore, a bit punk, but you're not quite ready to go all out and sacrifice your fashion standards by shaving the side of your head and carving the words "shit sandwich" into your chest. Perhaps something a bit more subtle, like these guys from Avoca.

It will more than likely be rainy, but that doesn't mean you can't dream of summer sun in these Red Poppy boots from Funky-Wellington-boots.co.uk.

Festivals are fantastic for watching completely self-indulgent rock stars bask in the glow of their own narcissism, but we love them anyway, so why shouldn't we be a little indulgent sometimes too? And these chocolates pair of wellies I found on Ebay do just the trick! I believe I saw these ones in Korky's as well, but way more expensive.

And there you have it; my wellie picks for the month of May. I'm sure I'll find more I like as the weeks go on. I always do...

13 May 2008

I'll be back tomorrow!

Sorry folks, there'll be no posts today (other than this one to tell you there'll be no posts today), as it's my mom's last day here in Ireland, and we still have so much mother/daughter bonding to do. I'll see you cool cats tomorrow!

11 May 2008

Goodbye Habitat

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the loss of our good friend, Habitat. On Friday night, one of Dublin's few good furniture stores closed its doors for the last time, much to the dismay of all its loyal customers, most of which (including myself) had absolutely no clue that the store was closing down. In fact, I was in there just last week, and no one mentioned anything to me when I made my purchases about the store closing. Although, I assume this was probably a surprise to most of the staff as well.

Conai Designs (Ireland) Ltd. stated the following in a press release on Habitat.ie:

"Due to severe downturn in both our Galway and Dublin stores, it has become impossible to trade through the subsequent financial difficulties, particularly in light of the current economic environment. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the past 6 years."

I'm slightly outraged at the company for closing so quickly without any warning whatsoever. The least they could have done would be to have a massive closing down sale long enough for people to actually find out about it. Needless to say, I've been in a state of shock and mourning all day. The sun was shining, but the world seemed a greyer place. The birds were singing, but all I could hear were the sounds of Habitat's swan song. Today truly is a tragic day for Dublin interiors.

Bellinter House: Part 3

The lounge area was probably my favourite space in the whole hotel. It was a mish-mash of old and new, antique and modern, mid-century and Edwardian. Animal heads adorned the walls, but in the form of paper lanterns. Upholstery ranged from leather to velvet to tweed, and were set off by lamps with shades made of paper, wicker, and translucent silver plastic. With a roaring open fire (which was slightly unnecessary in the sweltering heat) and massive floor to ceiling windows, I was in heaven!

10 May 2008

Bellinter House: Part 2

(I giggled when I saw that part of the decorating included the same Urban Outfitters cushions I've got on my couch at home)

Here's a few pictures of one of the suites in the converted stables. This puzzled my mom, because in America, barns would just as soon be knocked down as converted into a living space. This was a beautiful conversion. The room's mood was set by its lime washed walls and original timber lintels and ceiling supports. The stable is far more rustic than the decadent rooms of the main house, like a cozy, Scandanavian cabin.

Bellinter House: Part 1

On Thursday night, my mum and I stayed at the fabulous Bellinter House Hotel in Meath. If you ever need to take a short holiday, even for one night just outside Dublin, this is the place to take it! We had a wonderful time, and the staff there were kind enough to let me take some pictures of a few of the uninhabited rooms. Let's just say I took a few more than "a few," so this weekend I'll be posting sets of pictures from our little mini-break along with tid-bits of information about the hotel.

This morning's photos are of two bedrooms in the Main House. These rooms were massive. The blue bathroom was bigger than our own room in the East Wing. Each had their own mirror-tiled shower and freestanding tub. The bedrooms were airy and sophisticated. The decoration was the height of romance. These were quite obviously the bridal suites....just filthy, stinkin' gorgeous!

08 May 2008

Creepy Baby Ceramics

I've seen stuff like this before, but not nearly as creepy (the baby hand hand-soap might be in the same realm, but at least they dissolve). These tiles just give me the heebie-jeebies in the worst way! However, if you're feeling rather broody and in need of a baby hand stuck to your wall or a 3D portrait of infants screaming, you can purchase these from Susan Kniffin Davidson's Etsy shop. They run from $22-$60, and lucky us; she ships internationally!

07 May 2008

Tea Towels @ Habitat

I think Zee over at Homebug might have mentioned these a couple of weeks ago, which might, subconsciously, be the reason I had to buy two of the Hennie tea towels when I was in Habitat yesterday. Or perhaps it was because they were 30% off. At a mere €11.20 for the two of them, I couldn't resist! It's just too bad that we have a surplus cups in the house, otherwise I would have bought a few to match the tea towels!

Stairs Before and After!

(BEFORE: The builders tried to pass off underlay as actual carpet. Walking on it was an itchy mess)

(AFTER: Pretty white stairs, pretty white walls, pretty Bindweed wallpaper!)

A few days ago I finally finished my staircase. I started this project back in February, but due to things going horribly wrong in the paint & varnish department and just general photography-related busyness, I wasn't able to get it right till now. It was totally worth the wait, though, because it's the first project in our house that turned out exactly how I envisioned it. Walking up those stairs each morning to the kitchen is an absolute treat. And the best part is that we have loads of wallpaper left and I'm already planning my next attack on the house with it!

06 May 2008

Busy bees

(Dipping my toes in a bit of glacial bog-water)

My apologies for the distinct lack of posts over the past few days. It's been a very busy week for James and I. Everything from shooting a wedding, to massive amounts of DIY, to getting a violent case of vertigo at 3am (it's not nearly as glamorous as Jimmy Stewart made it out to be), and spending loads of time with the visiting mother who totally approves of the radical changes we've made to the apartment since the last time she was here.

Yesterday we took a small day trip with my in-laws to Wicklow. The weather was absolutely perfect and the mountains looked more beautiful than ever! If we get another weekend like that, I'd highly suggest taking a drive through Wicklow and stopping off at a few of the lakes. They're cool, refreshing, and completely gorgeous!