10 May 2008

Bellinter House: Part 1

On Thursday night, my mum and I stayed at the fabulous Bellinter House Hotel in Meath. If you ever need to take a short holiday, even for one night just outside Dublin, this is the place to take it! We had a wonderful time, and the staff there were kind enough to let me take some pictures of a few of the uninhabited rooms. Let's just say I took a few more than "a few," so this weekend I'll be posting sets of pictures from our little mini-break along with tid-bits of information about the hotel.

This morning's photos are of two bedrooms in the Main House. These rooms were massive. The blue bathroom was bigger than our own room in the East Wing. Each had their own mirror-tiled shower and freestanding tub. The bedrooms were airy and sophisticated. The decoration was the height of romance. These were quite obviously the bridal suites....just filthy, stinkin' gorgeous!

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