06 May 2008

Busy bees

(Dipping my toes in a bit of glacial bog-water)

My apologies for the distinct lack of posts over the past few days. It's been a very busy week for James and I. Everything from shooting a wedding, to massive amounts of DIY, to getting a violent case of vertigo at 3am (it's not nearly as glamorous as Jimmy Stewart made it out to be), and spending loads of time with the visiting mother who totally approves of the radical changes we've made to the apartment since the last time she was here.

Yesterday we took a small day trip with my in-laws to Wicklow. The weather was absolutely perfect and the mountains looked more beautiful than ever! If we get another weekend like that, I'd highly suggest taking a drive through Wicklow and stopping off at a few of the lakes. They're cool, refreshing, and completely gorgeous!

1 comment:

zee said...

Golly, that looks beautiful. We had hoped to bring the dogs to Wicklow over the weekend, but will definitely go next weekend if the weather keeps up.