21 May 2008

Punky Punks

The other day I suffered a really bad hair cutting experience. My regular hairdresser, Richie, wasn't there so I let one of the other girls chop my mop instead. Big mistake! I told her I just wanted my regular cut, slightly boyish and funky. I guess she misinterpreted that, because she essentially gave me a men's cut and charged me 70 euros. The only way I could make it resemble something of a normal hairdo was to go punk and wear it in a mohawk.

So to celebrate my newfound anger at the establishment, the government, and society in general, I've decided to do a Dawanda roundup of all things punk and punk related. Dawanda is a fantastic European-based website full of handmade goods from sellers all over the world.
First up we have these nifty little plastic pistol earrings from Glamasaurus in Swizterland for 6 Euros. And guess what? The shipping is free on these guys!

Here we have the Anarchist knit bag by ScandicWoolArt for 66 Euros.

I don't really think this is what the Ramones had in mind when they wrote "Blitzkrieg Bop" but I like these Y-fronts all the same. Hueftkino also make a girlie version as well. Both are 17.90.

Of course no punk wardrobe would be complete without some sweet badges. I'm loving the ones by Inko, especially this Rock the World badge for 1.10.

Well that's it for me. The husband is nagging me to watch the last few minutes of Chelsea vs Man United. I guess it's important or something...


Andreanna said...

Thanks so much for featuring my earrings in your blog!

Shawna said...

No prob Andreanna. They're totally fab!