29 May 2008

Rooftop Garden Envy

(Photo by Tvancort)

After all that crummy rain this week, it's so nice to have such a lovely, sunny Thursday, especially when you're off work! Yeah! However, it really makes me wish I had garden in stead of a building site. I'd really love a private rooftop garden, secluded from the rest of world. But since can only dream of the day our landlord will let us make one, I'll just have to keep looking at pictures on Flickr or travel Down to Avoca in Wicklow to get my garden fix. Here's a few rooftop gardens I especially like.

(Photo by Felix Haslimeier)

(Photo by TonyCT)

(Photo by Jodimarr)

(photo by Horses and Tigers)

Just a quick P.S. I had a few more gorgeous pictures I wanted to post, including a garden in Venice, but blogger is being a bit crap and won't let me add any more pictures for some reason. Boooo!


Anonymous said...

hey stranger, this is amelia, of the amelia and jesse friends of evans fame. so i was poking around, cause i like yr blog, and one of the photos of the rooftop gardens looked really familiar and then i realized that Jesse and i had stayed their while we were in Valencia. awesome. we miss it on the other side. hope your well!

Shawna said...

Hey Amelia!!! Did you really? That's awesome! You'll have to let me know where in Valencia that is. Might need to go stay there :-P

So are yourself and Jesse coming back to Ireland any time soon? I think Evan and Clare are heading your way in July.

Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

If we could come back to Ireland right now we would in a second. We loved it so much...but alas, we're working fools.

It's a very popular hostel, the one in the pic. VERY popular, lot's of partying, in a great part of town. The train people actually told us about it...minus the obnoxious american girl it was lovely.

when we make it back you'll be the first we call!