14 May 2008

Wellies, Baby, Wellies!

With festival season fast approaching, I thought it appropriate to post some really sweet footwear that with any luck, may be gracing the likes of my feet during the likes of any number of musical events this summer, because as we all know, it's not about what music you like, how much booze you can smuggle in, or even how many Top-Shop dresses you can fit into your weekend bag; it's all about how neato-cheeto your Wellingtons are!

Checking out Goldfrapp, Bat for Lashes, or any other girlie band known for their horse imagery? Why not try riding your white horse in these babies from Wellieart.com.

Perhaps you're watching something a bit more hardcore, a bit punk, but you're not quite ready to go all out and sacrifice your fashion standards by shaving the side of your head and carving the words "shit sandwich" into your chest. Perhaps something a bit more subtle, like these guys from Avoca.

It will more than likely be rainy, but that doesn't mean you can't dream of summer sun in these Red Poppy boots from Funky-Wellington-boots.co.uk.

Festivals are fantastic for watching completely self-indulgent rock stars bask in the glow of their own narcissism, but we love them anyway, so why shouldn't we be a little indulgent sometimes too? And these chocolates pair of wellies I found on Ebay do just the trick! I believe I saw these ones in Korky's as well, but way more expensive.

And there you have it; my wellie picks for the month of May. I'm sure I'll find more I like as the weeks go on. I always do...


Rojo said...

like the avoca ones.. Too girly tho?

Shawna said...

well then, you can just have your bog-standard green ones, Ro :-P

Rojo said...