30 June 2008

My New Bag

I've been in need for a new bag for a while now and I was thrilled when I found this little number on the shelf at Funky Tees. It's a tiny little shop towards the back end of Stephen's Green shopping centre next to that really tacky t-shirt that sells cringe worthy slogans for hen nights and birthday parties. Funky Tees on the other hand is quite the opposite with fun colours and retro logos. Granted it's not Dolce and Gabbana, but it's simple, relaxed, and cheaper than similar tees you'd find in the likes of Urban Outfitters or Topshop. Right now, everything is 20% off, so get your butts down there and buy some t-shirts and/or bags. Unfortunately they don't have a website for me to link to, so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

29 June 2008

Home envy

Oh how I wish I were a filthy rich architect who lives in Manhattan with a waterfall under my bed. Via Dwell...

Planning a Living Space

My apologies for not being around this week. James and I have be up to some pretty exciting stuff including opening our new Etsy shop, with a Dawanda shop in progress. We're also planning for a couple of exhibitions in September: The Hard Working Class Heroes festival and the Ranelagh Arts Festival.

For now though, here's some helpful tips from Videojug that will show you how to make a floorplan and layout furniture. This is something my friends ask me about all the time, and because we live in Dublin and the minuscule size of our apartments a lot of times could rival those in Tokyo (without all the cool gadgets, though), planning a layout for your living space is definitely your best option...unless you're like me, and you have to learn everything by trial and error.

24 June 2008

What I did at the Weekend

(Taken in Bruge. April 2005)

On Saturday at 4:00am, James and I bared all down at the Dublin Docklands for the latest Spencer Tunick installation. You may remember a couple of months ago when I announced that I had signed up to be apart of it. I have to say it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. The Independent reported that there were about 2,700 of us there, but it felt like a lot more. After the initial giggles of seeing everyone around you taking their clothes off and then remembering that you, yourself are also naked, things just start feeling normal again. Everyone talks to eachother casually as if they were waiting in a queue for a concert, and when the Stenaline arrived from England, everyone just waved and laughed without the least bit of modesty. The cold was the only thing that could dampen our spirits, but even then we pressed on. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Did anyone else take part?

19 June 2008


On Saturday the 28th June, The Science Gallery at Trinity college will be hosting a clothing swap-o-rama in association with their latest exhibition, Technothreads. Essentially, you just bring a bag of clothes that you're never going to wear and either swap them with the other attendees, or visit one of the many workshops, and DIY stations to transform your old duds into something new. I think this is fabulous idea, just in time for summer. I'll definitely be there. The best part is, it's totally FREE! For more information and for FREE tickets, click here.

17 June 2008

Rock Star Furniture Designers: Doshi Levien

I'm noticing an awesome trend lately, of outlandish, rock n' rollish furniture. Even though I will probably never convince the husband that we should lay down our savings on a few pieces, I can always look at all the pretty pictures the internet can provide.

That said, I'm in love with London-based design duo Doshi Levien. Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien combined their powers in 2000 to create some of the most original looking pieces I've seen in a while. Their mad mix of influences include Indian culture and industrial production. And they work brilliantly together! I should really change the name of this site to "Design I wish was in Dublin"...dot com.

15 June 2008

Oh so jealous...

I love lots of colour in a home, so I was inevitably excited when I stumbled upon Super Junk's flickr set. What a fantastic living space! I really dig the collections of vintage toys and mid century furniture. That 70's style fireplace reminds me a swiss chalet. My favourite bit is the little wire ice cream parlour table and chairs. I'd love to have a set myself, but I think they're a bit too kitsch for James. Plus I think I'd have a pretty hard time finding one in Ireland.

13 June 2008

More than you bargained for...in a good way!

I remember seeing these things on Grand Designs a while ago and thinking "oooh, I'd love to have one of those," as I do with most things on that show, but this thing sets itself apart from most things I want because of it's triple usage. It's a light source, a conversation piece, and believe it or not, get ready for this... an extractor hood! I, of course, wrote it off as something only available in the UK, as most things tend to be, but there is, in fact, a place in Citywest that sells them. It may be a bit feminine for some males, but fear not, guys! If you let us bring these into our kitchens, we'll let you turn them on and off with this swanky, futuristic remote control!

12 June 2008

The new White Book

I was having a pretty boring day in my day job yesterday, so I was pleased as punch to find the new White Book on the shelves in Centra. There's a great article about the history and renovation of Kileen Castle in Co. Meath, which will soon open in 2010 as a five star hotel! But if you can't wait till then, you're more than welcome to purchase one of 162 residences which are being built on the castle grounds.

Also in the book are the typically amazing adverts that make me drool over stone bathtubs, swooping minimal beds, and more beautiful kitchen appliances than I will ever own.

The photography, as usual, is immaculate with plenty of light, airy rooms to make me jealous of both the homes in the photos as well as the photographers' medium format cameras. It's 320 pages of pure interiors porn; right on time for the weekend!

11 June 2008

Sale at L'Affiche Moderne!

A while ago, I blogged about a great, French poster shop called L'Affiche Moderne who sell really cool, highly affordable posters by loads of different artists. I'm happy to say that right now till June 30th, you, my readers, get an additional 25% off their entire catalogue. I'm so excited about this, I know I'm going to buy more stuff than will fit on my walls. Sshhh, don't tell my husband! Just pop in this promotional code in the discount code box: promo25. Happy shopping!

06 June 2008

Bartosz Kolata

One of my favourite artists at the moment just happens to be one of my next door neighbours, Bartosz. It actually surprises me that I haven't blogged about him before. I suppose now is a more appropriate time than ever as he is holding an exhibition tomorrow in the Lemonstreet Gallery on City Quay. It's a thrill everytime they have me over for a drink, because there's always a few new paintings up on the wall. They have so many that they have to store a lot of them out in the hallway. I've threatened to "borrow" a bunch on numerous occasions.

Bartosz's paintings are based on the photographs that he and his flatmates take around Dublin and the rest of Europe. They are very much "a slice of life." Some the subjects are as simple as the Ranelagh Luas station (something I'd never usually consider very arty), or a crane in Belfast (again, not that arty), but he's pulled it off with a tremendous use of vibrant colour and composition. The web pictures I've provided don't do them any justice. You have to see them in person to get the full effect. So come on down and support local/kinda Polish art at the Lemonstreet Gallery 24-26 City Quay from 6:00pm-8:00pm tomorrow evening! I'll be there at some stage too.

04 June 2008


I recently came across a UK-based website (go figure...) that has a selection of reasonably priced furniture. Though most of Oli's products are kind of West-Elmish, some of it is actually pretty cool. Here are a few of my picks.

1. Pony curtains from 23.00 pounds
2. Presley night stand 149.00 pounds
3. Orton dining chairs 60.00 pounds
4. Maria Grachvogel Daybed 599.00 pounds
5. Gilt Baroque Chair by Maria Grachvogel 299.00 pounds
6. Maria Grachvogel Dressing Table 220.00 pounds

The only bad news is that they don't deliver to the Republic just yet, but they do, however, deliver to the north. I'm sure my cousin up in Belfast would be more than happy to have a butt-load of furniture delivered to his flat. Yep... not a problem at all :-)

You know what they say...

...Great minds think alike. In this case it's myself and one of the sisters who write Sugar City Journal, and we're thinking about stairs. We seem to have taken the same approach to creating something lovely from something massively boring. However, she made hers in a completely different way from mine.

Instead of using wallpaper, she scanned a damask fabric onto her computer and hid little photos of her family in the pattern. She then printed it out on regular paper, laminated it and glued it to the stairs with Modgepodge. As the stairs look to be properly varnished hardwood, she's a lot braver than I was. James and I were lucky in that our stairs were crap to begin with, so we pretty had a blank canvas when we started. Well done Sugar City!

Via Apartment Therapy

02 June 2008

Goodbye Yves Saint Laurent

Although this is mainly an interior design blog, I felt it necessary to write about late great fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who died yesterday at the age of 71. His career spanned over five decades and started when he dropped out of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture and went to work for Christion Dior at the age of 17.

Just a few of the things he brought to the fashion world are: trouser suits, safari jackets, the beatnik look, and thigh high boots. He was also one of the first designers to use black models. Though Saint Laurent designed for the catwalk, his work was so innovative that countless similar designs could be found on the highstreet. He created clothes for models and the everyday woman alike. That's what set him apart from so many fashion designers of the 20th century.

"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery."-Yves Saint Laurent