06 June 2008

Bartosz Kolata

One of my favourite artists at the moment just happens to be one of my next door neighbours, Bartosz. It actually surprises me that I haven't blogged about him before. I suppose now is a more appropriate time than ever as he is holding an exhibition tomorrow in the Lemonstreet Gallery on City Quay. It's a thrill everytime they have me over for a drink, because there's always a few new paintings up on the wall. They have so many that they have to store a lot of them out in the hallway. I've threatened to "borrow" a bunch on numerous occasions.

Bartosz's paintings are based on the photographs that he and his flatmates take around Dublin and the rest of Europe. They are very much "a slice of life." Some the subjects are as simple as the Ranelagh Luas station (something I'd never usually consider very arty), or a crane in Belfast (again, not that arty), but he's pulled it off with a tremendous use of vibrant colour and composition. The web pictures I've provided don't do them any justice. You have to see them in person to get the full effect. So come on down and support local/kinda Polish art at the Lemonstreet Gallery 24-26 City Quay from 6:00pm-8:00pm tomorrow evening! I'll be there at some stage too.

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