13 June 2008

More than you bargained for...in a good way!

I remember seeing these things on Grand Designs a while ago and thinking "oooh, I'd love to have one of those," as I do with most things on that show, but this thing sets itself apart from most things I want because of it's triple usage. It's a light source, a conversation piece, and believe it or not, get ready for this... an extractor hood! I, of course, wrote it off as something only available in the UK, as most things tend to be, but there is, in fact, a place in Citywest that sells them. It may be a bit feminine for some males, but fear not, guys! If you let us bring these into our kitchens, we'll let you turn them on and off with this swanky, futuristic remote control!

1 comment:

zee said...

Get out! I love it! It would look spectacular over a kitchen island.