12 June 2008

The new White Book

I was having a pretty boring day in my day job yesterday, so I was pleased as punch to find the new White Book on the shelves in Centra. There's a great article about the history and renovation of Kileen Castle in Co. Meath, which will soon open in 2010 as a five star hotel! But if you can't wait till then, you're more than welcome to purchase one of 162 residences which are being built on the castle grounds.

Also in the book are the typically amazing adverts that make me drool over stone bathtubs, swooping minimal beds, and more beautiful kitchen appliances than I will ever own.

The photography, as usual, is immaculate with plenty of light, airy rooms to make me jealous of both the homes in the photos as well as the photographers' medium format cameras. It's 320 pages of pure interiors porn; right on time for the weekend!

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