04 June 2008


I recently came across a UK-based website (go figure...) that has a selection of reasonably priced furniture. Though most of Oli's products are kind of West-Elmish, some of it is actually pretty cool. Here are a few of my picks.

1. Pony curtains from 23.00 pounds
2. Presley night stand 149.00 pounds
3. Orton dining chairs 60.00 pounds
4. Maria Grachvogel Daybed 599.00 pounds
5. Gilt Baroque Chair by Maria Grachvogel 299.00 pounds
6. Maria Grachvogel Dressing Table 220.00 pounds

The only bad news is that they don't deliver to the Republic just yet, but they do, however, deliver to the north. I'm sure my cousin up in Belfast would be more than happy to have a butt-load of furniture delivered to his flat. Yep... not a problem at all :-)

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