24 June 2008

What I did at the Weekend

(Taken in Bruge. April 2005)

On Saturday at 4:00am, James and I bared all down at the Dublin Docklands for the latest Spencer Tunick installation. You may remember a couple of months ago when I announced that I had signed up to be apart of it. I have to say it was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. The Independent reported that there were about 2,700 of us there, but it felt like a lot more. After the initial giggles of seeing everyone around you taking their clothes off and then remembering that you, yourself are also naked, things just start feeling normal again. Everyone talks to eachother casually as if they were waiting in a queue for a concert, and when the Stenaline arrived from England, everyone just waved and laughed without the least bit of modesty. The cold was the only thing that could dampen our spirits, but even then we pressed on. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Did anyone else take part?


Rahul said...

Nice works ! Keep it up!

Rojo said...

I was there with bells on. Then I had to take them off when getting naked... :p

I saw you and James there!

Krissy said...

Love your blog, so glad I found it!

Wow! I've seen so many of his photographs and wondered what it would be like to be in the crowd. I have to say I'm a bit jealous. Looks like a lot of fun. It's a great photo too.

jen said...

That's awesome! Can't remember where I heard about this installation (I think on the CBS Sunday Morning Show), but think it's amazing. More details about what it was like, please!

I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it.

Shawna said...

Rojo- I'm hoping you saw us with our clothes on. We were desperately trying to avoid people we knew :-P

Jen- I wrote a more comprehensive blog on my myspace. You can read it here

Rojo said...

haha, nah... it was with clothes! you looked very cool and you haircut is pretty rockin'!!

Shawna said...

Why thank you. That took a ridiculous amount of hairspray to get it that good. In the end though, the rain and wind kind of destroyed it's coolness.