07 July 2008

Attn. Renters: Start decorating!

Today I've been trying to find some good examples on Flickr of well decorated flats in Dublin...And I couldn't find any. I was really disappointed but not exactly surprised. Why do Dublin renters not decorate their homes? No, you don't own the place, but there's no reason why you shouldn't make it your own whilst living in it. I'll use this bare room as an example. Even if your landlord won't let you paint, move furniture, and so on, that's no excuse not to do a bit of decorating.



I threw this room together in about an hour and a half. I made the walls white, because it's been my experience that even if you're not allowed to paint your place, changing the colour from that sickly magnolia to white makes a huge difference, and landlords won't usually notice as it's still a neutral colour.

The curtains are from Urban Outfitters. Blanket and Pillows from Avoca. Mirror by BoConcept. Water colour by LaSrtaPil on Dawanda, lamp and picture frame from Ikea, lampshade by Orla Kiely, and you can get those plants at any chain hardware store or garden centre.

There you have it folks. Just a few soft furnishings, a piece of artwork, and a plant or two can make a boring old bedsit into something a bit more homeish.


Lorna said...

And the finishing touch is, of course, your dog! You have really transformed your room, it looks lovely.


Rach said...

It looks beautiful!
I have done all I can really though with soft furnishings. We aren't even allowed to put holes in the walls so that kind of limits things. You're lucky, your landlord sounds like a reasonable person. Unlike mine. :P

Shawna said...

I think I should have clarified. This isn't my room. I took a photo of a typical bare Dublin apartment off flickr and photoshopped some furnishings into it as an example of what one could do with the place.

Lorna- The dog isn't mine, but my mother's who live all too far away. I do miss that little thing.

Rach- my suggestion would be to ask your landlord if you could hang stuff and patch up the wall before you leave. If that doesn't work out, you could always buy a few cheap etsy prints and have them professionally mounted on 10mm foam board. Reads on Nassau Street do this, and it's rather affordable. It's light enough to stay up with Blu-tac, and looks reasonably modern without a frame. That's what James and I did in our old flat.

FancyPants-design said...

Wow! You did all this with photoshop. You did a great job. I wish I had the patience for photoshop..

Great post.

Amelia Anne Flores Ireland said...

Thank you for putting into action what so many people don't understand. I always wanted to write a book for twenty-somethings on the simple things you can do to make a rental a home. Even just a good looking pillow makes a world of difference. yr rad, and congrats on the celebrity status! oh!

Shawna said...

celebrity status? LoL, when did this happen?