01 July 2008

Bellinter House does NOT suck!

James was on Boards.ie the other day doing a bit of browsing and found a post from someone asking about using the Bellinter House in Meath as a wedding location. I was surprised to find that the only people who replied to the post seemed to hate it. One person went as far to say that the decor was "ad-hoc" and one room was "Austin Powers themed."

I visited a handful of rooms there to blog about a couple of months ago, and I must say I never saw anything that even remotely resembled Austin Powers. I'm really concerned that some people can't differentiate between tacky 60's kitsch and classic midcentury pieces; or that they would confuse a mixture of antique and modern with "ad-hoc." Furthermore, the staff were brilliant and absolutely bent over backwards to make sure our stay was comfortable. Ok rant over...Sorry, I just had to come to the defence of one of my favourite hotels in Ireland.

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CoCo said...

Hiya - I just stumbled onto your blog this morning - but said I'd drop a note to say Habitat in Galway are having a closing down sale this weekend - 80% off! Dunno about Dublin....just in case you hadn't heard. Love the blog.