07 July 2008

The Sims...Ikea style

(I actually have this desk...and I'm sitting on the left side of it...and there are bookcases behind me. CREEPY)

So you say you'd like some Ikea furniture, but you don't want to drive to Belfast. Or perhaps you like the Ikea catalogue, but it's just not sparking your imagination as much as it should be. How about some virtual Ikea digs via The Sims 2. That's right, thanks to EA games, you can now combine your two nerdiest obsessions into one big nerd fest by purchasing this add-on. Personally, I think the only use for this would be if you plan to decorate your entire home in Ikea and want to use it as a lay-out planner. I couldn't imagine that it would be any more fun than decorating your Sims dream home in the Sims furniture. Though, as much as I'd like to sound pessimistic about this, I'd still like to try it out...

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