26 August 2008

New Diaper Bags from Pushmepullyou

If you're a fan of Eleanor Grosch like I am, you'll love her new diaper bags for sale here, whether or not you have a baby. They are so adorable, and yet so very unlike conventional pink or blue nappy bags. Who says you can't have kids and be stylish?

Jaysus that's some moulding!

Was my first thought when I saw this picture on Apartment Therapy. Apparently I think in a Dublin accent now...

At first glimpse, I instinctively wanted to like it, but the more I look at it, the more I think that maybe it's a bit much to look at. Hmm...maybe it's better in person. I love the colours though, and the layout of the furniture is quite superb. I just don't know how I feel about all that moulding. What about you?

25 August 2008

Stealing Melaware Eggcups from my mother-in-law

Our story begins last Friday when James made hard boiled eggs for breakfast. He mentioned that he wished he still had his old silver egg cup from his childhood. To which I replied "My family never had eggcups. We just cracked them on the kitchen counter." That comment was met with a look of dismay and slight confusion. "You never had an eggcup? What's wrong with you Americans?"

Fast forward to that evening when we're having dinner over at his parents' house. James decided to bring up my eggcupless existence, which got the same response from his family. His mum quickly got up and started rummaging through the cupboards. A few minutes later, she brought a rather large collection of eggcups to the table. However, a few caught my eye. A set of six little Melaware melamine eggcups that looked like they came from Urban Outfitters...or the 50's. Turns out it was the latter, and we took them home with us. James wanted just to borrow them to practice some product photography (as seen above), but I think I want to keep them. Just hope my mother in law doesn't remember that they are gone.

23 August 2008

Design in Dublin in The Times

I know it's a bit late in the day to tell you all this, but there is an article in the Irish Times Saturday Magazine today featuring yours truly and written by the always wonderful Zee of Homebug.net. I can't give away too much, but I can say there's a big ol' picture of me sitting on my wallpapered staircase.

19 August 2008

Cool chairs at Urban Outfitters

It's been awhile since I've visited the Urban Outfitters website, and I'm quite pleased with what I've seen. I was particuliarly impressed with their new furniture. There's a bit more variety than what I'm used to seeing from them, but they still maintain that retro-college-dorm type style that they're known for. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing, I still love these chairs. They're brilliant replicas and quite affordable.

14 August 2008

Dublin Waste finds

Today seemed to be Sideboard Central on Dublin Waste with these two gorgeous sideboards. The top one is located in Shankill and the other one in Marino. Get em' while they're hot people!!!

13 August 2008

Geometric Chic

I was just doing a bit of blog browsing and came across this photo that Anna from Door 16 posted, of these fab doors on Broadway. They reminded me of a coffee table that Zee of Homebug painted a while back. I think I feel a trend coming on...perhaps Geometric chic :-P

11 August 2008

I'm going to EGYPT!!!

As we speak, James is booking a holiday for us in Egypt for October. I'm completely ecstatic! Of course we'll be seeing the standard sights (Pyramids, Egyptian museum, etc.), but we'll also be snorkling, sailing, hiking and having a grand ol' adventure. Might even get a chance to do some home shopping in Cairo. Fingers crossed anyway. So today, I bring you some Egyptian inspiration!

05 August 2008

Etsy finds- Doxie motifs

I really dislike when people get obsessed with particular breeds of dogs. Well maybe not the people, so much as the merchandising...jumpers and placards that read "I <3 my Cavalier King Charles," or "Beware of our Bichon Frise." Doormats, postcards, keychains, coffee mugs, those stupid recordings of dogs barking that someone remixes into Christmas carols, the list is endless.

That being said, I've been noticing a trend of Daschund motifs everywhere, and it makes me miss my babies, Murphy and Pheobe, back in Seattle. So here's a few Doxie-related items, I found on Etsy this evening.

Doxie frame purse by Field of Roses. $27

Big ol' hotdog print by Bee Things. $15.00

Weiner Necklace by Shara Lambeth Designs. $25.00

Doxie Skeleton tee by Skeledog. $25.00

03 August 2008

Attack of the pod people!

Lately the adverts for the Dulux Paint Pod have been taunting me. It really makes me wish I had a wall left to paint in my place. The paint gets pumped into the roller from the pod, so you don't have to bend down constantly to dip it in a tray, and once you're done it cleans itself like some sort of flippin' painty miracle.

However, it looks like you have to buy a specific range of Dulux paint with containers that fit the pod, and it only comes in 13 colours...all pastel. I guess if that's the kind of colours you're going for, the Paint Pod might be worth the €99.99 price tag. For me, though, I think I'll stick to my trusty old manual roller until I can get some variety in my colours.

01 August 2008

Friday Flowers

I was down in Superquinn this morning and felt in a very flowery mood, so I picked up some lovely chrysanthemums and carnations at only €2.99 per bunch. It's amazing just how much freshly cut flowers can brighten up a sitting room!

The Hidden Art Shop

The Hidden Art Shop is a bit like Urban Outfitters in that they sell mostly affordable, novelty home accessories, but the difference is in the variety and quality of their products. Not only are they a shop, but they also support up and coming designers and help them network. Hidden Art started in 1994 as an event to show the work of 43 Hackney based designers and now support more than 1800 all over the UK. Here are some of my favourite items from their online shop.

1.- White Chandelier canvas print (also comes in a light up version). Large £50
2.- Rock On coat hook (also available in several other hand gestures). £90
3.- Wooster pendant light. £225
4.- Blaue Blume tea cup. £32.95
5.- Seville cushion. £55
6.- Stamp mirror. A3 size £47.95