03 August 2008

Attack of the pod people!

Lately the adverts for the Dulux Paint Pod have been taunting me. It really makes me wish I had a wall left to paint in my place. The paint gets pumped into the roller from the pod, so you don't have to bend down constantly to dip it in a tray, and once you're done it cleans itself like some sort of flippin' painty miracle.

However, it looks like you have to buy a specific range of Dulux paint with containers that fit the pod, and it only comes in 13 colours...all pastel. I guess if that's the kind of colours you're going for, the Paint Pod might be worth the €99.99 price tag. For me, though, I think I'll stick to my trusty old manual roller until I can get some variety in my colours.


kirstie said...

we looked at one in B&Q and the paint pods, which yup, you have to use, are about twice the price of any other type of emulsion. RRRRIIPPPP OFFF

Lorna said...

Isn't that ridiculous that the paint is just available in 13 colours? I don't have that much faith in these gimmicks and €100 is an lot of money - something tells me I'll be sticking to the trusty old roller that needs elbow grease!

Shawna said...

I wonder if you could just pour a bunch of your own paint into that holding area and just clean the paint out of it when you're done...or maybe that's more effort than it's worth.