05 August 2008

Etsy finds- Doxie motifs

I really dislike when people get obsessed with particular breeds of dogs. Well maybe not the people, so much as the merchandising...jumpers and placards that read "I <3 my Cavalier King Charles," or "Beware of our Bichon Frise." Doormats, postcards, keychains, coffee mugs, those stupid recordings of dogs barking that someone remixes into Christmas carols, the list is endless.

That being said, I've been noticing a trend of Daschund motifs everywhere, and it makes me miss my babies, Murphy and Pheobe, back in Seattle. So here's a few Doxie-related items, I found on Etsy this evening.

Doxie frame purse by Field of Roses. $27

Big ol' hotdog print by Bee Things. $15.00

Weiner Necklace by Shara Lambeth Designs. $25.00

Doxie Skeleton tee by Skeledog. $25.00

1 comment:

Lorna said...

I just came across a new fabric by Jab this afternoon which featured dogs of all different breeds - I thought it was awful!