13 August 2008

Geometric Chic

I was just doing a bit of blog browsing and came across this photo that Anna from Door 16 posted, of these fab doors on Broadway. They reminded me of a coffee table that Zee of Homebug painted a while back. I think I feel a trend coming on...perhaps Geometric chic :-P


zee said...

Tee hee! That door totally reminded me of my coffee table too, and made me want to paint another table but in the colours of the door. Or maybe find a door somewhere that needs painting- how rad would that be? Er, you have a door in need of painting, dontcha...?

Shawna said...

Haha, I do have a door in need of painting, but I don't think my landlord would be down with us throwing shapes onto it. He didn't even like the yellow idea...what's up with that? Yellow would be lovely!